Louis T.
"I make JavaScript work so you don't have to!"

My Portfolio

TheP(aste)B.in - For all your pasting needs! This site offers image hosting, as well as developer tools and API options to provide users with increased flexibility over their posted materials, or hosted images. The site aims to provide the latest and hottest language support in syntax highlighting, but also a simple to use interface which makes the site load very efficiently, and very quickly. Visit Permalink
Simple Server Status - Live server monitoring. Designed to be sleek and simplistic, my live server status gives you information from uptime to OS and then on to network usage all the while displaying multiple servers simultaneously. With the back end server written in Node.js, the front end a mix of PHP and JavaScript, makes this easily deployable on any servers you might need.Tested with node.js v0.10.28 and PHP5 on Linux and FreeBSD. Support for other platforms should be added eventually. Demo Source Permalink
AndPush [BETA] - (Android 2.3.3+) AndPush uses GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) with a custom made API in order to deliver your push notifications quickly and without draining your batteries. You can send a simple message or style it with BB code and even link to images or URLs. You get a per-device API key, so you can easily specify which Android device you wish to notify. You can change your API key from within the AndPush application at any time, so if you accidentally tell someone your key you don't have to worry about dealing with any websites or reset forms. Visit Permalink