Louis T.
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Hello, I'm Louis T.

Location:Roseville, CA
Languages:JavaScript, PHP, Perl
Email:[email protected]
"I make JavaScript work so you don't have to!"

    February 19th, 2019 Louis T. Under construction!

    My blog/website is currently being redone; not that I've posted much so far anyway. This is in an attempt to implement a better way to post images/videos about current hobbies and interests. Check back eventually!

Read text content from different endpoints with Node.js. The ReadFrom project aims to allow developers a simple and uniform way of reading data from multiple sources within Node.js applications. Currently supports reading from files, stdin, spawned processes, ssh connections, unix sockets, ports, urls and even clipboards. npm GitHub Permalink
A MongoDB inspired ES6 Map() query language. With the introduction of the ES6 Map object, the MapQL project aims to allow developers an easy way to manage entries by extending the existing Map features. Loosely based on the MongoDB query operators, you can easily search and/or update entries by querying the key or value of an entry within a MapQL instance. See documentation for more information. Docs GitHub Permalink
ThePasteBin - For all your pasting needs! (Discontinued! 2010 - 2019) This pastebin offers developer tools and API options to provide users with increased flexibility over their posted materials. The site aims to provide the latest language support in syntax highlighting. The backend is powered by Node.js using Hapi.js and MongoDB. Visit About GitHub Permalink

You know you're shit and TBH, everybody in the professional world learns a majority of what they do on the job. Amanda C. (July 26th, 2017) - ★✰✰✰✰ Louis is the best JavaScript developer I have ever met, hands down. Ryan O. (July 26th, 2017) - ★★★★★ Louis is a genuine guy in which he always took my viewpoint into consideration with the implementation of the software that he created. I cannot ask for a better JavaScript programmer. James K. (July 26th, 2017) - ★★★★✰ Pretty good at regular expressions and JavaScript. Justin (July 26th, 2017) - ★★★★✰